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Font Bitching!

Hey all. I'm new here. I don't actually have *a* font to bitch about, rather than a myriad of fonts, a phenomenon that's mainly in free font websites. I go to them cause I'm stone-cold broke and I like to see some of the creative ideas for fonts. Unfortunately, there's a really huge crap-to-good ratio, and the fontmakers out there tend to make the same stupid mistakes en masse. Anyway, without further ado, my post:

I'm aware of the shortcomings of my own fonts. The metrics can be a S**T of a thing to do, I give people that. Creating a unique and legible font is a challenge, a real challenge. But, I have a short list of things that really and totally tick me off, that are quite easily avoidable. I'm going to call it:

Things That Make Fonts Ugly:

- Your letters not being on the baseline. Now, granted, some fonts get away with this. Usually hand-written fonts, or grungy, broken fonts. If your font isn't one of these, then FOR THE LOVE OF THE ALPHABET, BASELINE THEM!

- Nicking your typeface from a well-known font, renaming it something stupid and then not even BOTHERING to get the kerning right. I hate a sloppy knock-off job. You can see them a mile off and they make my eyes hurt. It's okay if it's like, a movie font that no one has a chance in hell of getting, but even then, doing it badly is no freaking excuse. Make a good job of it, damn it.

- Calligraphy fonts that aren't calligraphy. I'm telling you - taking a slanted pen and writing the alphabet isn't calligraphy. It's an eyesore! Calligraphy is an art of rhythm, of beauty, of aesthetic flow and infinite delicacy. It's emotion in letter-form, a celebration of text and making shapes with a nib. You insult thousands of years of scribes working their WHOLE LIVES to get their lettering right when you write that shit and call it calligraphy. Call it whatever you want, seriously, but it's not calligraphy.

- Taking an existing font that's well known, running through a Photoshop filter and then making a font out of it. Just don't. Don't even bother. I have plenty of filters in Photoshop that I can use myself. I don't need your pointless font clogging up my machine.

- Fonts of pointless scribbles that are called arty-farty things. Why? WHY? I can scribble myself!

- Most dingbats. This is strictly personal - I'm an artist, they're pointless for me. That said, one or two have actually come in handy.

- Chunky illegible fonts. Ugly, never used, pointless.

- Calligraphy fonts obviously scanned from lettering books, and the maker didn't even take the time to RESIZE the desencing and ascending glyphs! WHY?! WHY DO THEY BOTHER?! The work is practically done FOR THEM!

There. I feel better. Do you?
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Flickr's Comic Sans pool is wonderful. Yes, that's right: a place for people to share their photos of Comic Sans being used and abused.

What's really great about it, though, is that one of the contributors is none other than Vincent Connare, who designed the font in question!

(And that's Chalkboard in my icon. Just for the record. Yes, it was clearly inspired by... a certain other font... but it's a good bit more subdued...)
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utaite - piko gaze

Fucking HELL.

My grandmother's philosophy teacher and close friend recently died, and because I had met her once when I was younger, she told me about the funeral. Then she handed me the eulogy... was written in Comic Sans.

Of all the inappropriate uses of this font that I've been confronted to, this was the worst. Who the fuck ever thought it'd be a good idea to have a funeral eulogy in a font whose name features the word comic?!?
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Shy Guy

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Oyyy. The new Georgia driver's manual is set almost entirely in Comic Sans. ::winces::

No, seriously. See for yourself.

That's almost enough to convince me to just give up and take public transportation instead... at least the bus systems seem to have some typographic sense.

Hello, newbie here.

I was googling some font-exapmle websites for a project (due tomorrow) in my graphic design class where we need to painstakingly search for examples of 15 fonts AND make a type spec. sheet for each AND do this and that.

Fonts From Hell caught my eye. So I read on. YES!!!! I love how there is a community for people who hate comic sans as much as I do. No one every "gets it" in my family because they never go on the computer nor recognize anything having to do with design. I am here to say that I'd like to meet the creator of comic sans and kick him (or her) in the shins. While surfing, I came across a site that made me laugh. You all probably know about it by now, but Ban Comic Sans is a great site made by people like us. Check it out and order a sticker or something, I did.

Thank you for making such an amusing community and I look forward to becoming involved in your discussions!


PS_ I love papyrus, but people have been abusing it A LOT lately. That makes me sad :(
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Hi there !

I´m new to this community, my name is Denise ! Thank God, a place where we can say that Comics Sans is the most ugliest font ever ! I also hate Times new roman and the pixel font Bangalore. I´m very fond of pixel fonts, but Bangalore is just horrible.
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I'm not that new... in fact i've been a member for quite some time now, I just never posted.

-Comic Sans (need I say more)
-Times New Roman
-Casablanca Antique (don't ask)
-Papyrus ( the Crocodile Hunter font. I'd recognize it anywhere and it's the one I hate the most)
-BernhardFashion BT

And thats about it.
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Yes! Yes!!! Finally, an LJ community about horrendous fonts! God I hate Comic Sans with a passion!

Chalkboard I actually kinda like. It doesn't have the annoying character forms Comic Sans does.

Sand is kinda annoying, just because it's unreadable. I can't think of any other fonts I particularly hate, though.