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Font Bitching! [May. 30th, 2006|10:32 am]


[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Hey all. I'm new here. I don't actually have *a* font to bitch about, rather than a myriad of fonts, a phenomenon that's mainly in free font websites. I go to them cause I'm stone-cold broke and I like to see some of the creative ideas for fonts. Unfortunately, there's a really huge crap-to-good ratio, and the fontmakers out there tend to make the same stupid mistakes en masse. Anyway, without further ado, my post:

I'm aware of the shortcomings of my own fonts. The metrics can be a S**T of a thing to do, I give people that. Creating a unique and legible font is a challenge, a real challenge. But, I have a short list of things that really and totally tick me off, that are quite easily avoidable. I'm going to call it:

Things That Make Fonts Ugly:

- Your letters not being on the baseline. Now, granted, some fonts get away with this. Usually hand-written fonts, or grungy, broken fonts. If your font isn't one of these, then FOR THE LOVE OF THE ALPHABET, BASELINE THEM!

- Nicking your typeface from a well-known font, renaming it something stupid and then not even BOTHERING to get the kerning right. I hate a sloppy knock-off job. You can see them a mile off and they make my eyes hurt. It's okay if it's like, a movie font that no one has a chance in hell of getting, but even then, doing it badly is no freaking excuse. Make a good job of it, damn it.

- Calligraphy fonts that aren't calligraphy. I'm telling you - taking a slanted pen and writing the alphabet isn't calligraphy. It's an eyesore! Calligraphy is an art of rhythm, of beauty, of aesthetic flow and infinite delicacy. It's emotion in letter-form, a celebration of text and making shapes with a nib. You insult thousands of years of scribes working their WHOLE LIVES to get their lettering right when you write that shit and call it calligraphy. Call it whatever you want, seriously, but it's not calligraphy.

- Taking an existing font that's well known, running through a Photoshop filter and then making a font out of it. Just don't. Don't even bother. I have plenty of filters in Photoshop that I can use myself. I don't need your pointless font clogging up my machine.

- Fonts of pointless scribbles that are called arty-farty things. Why? WHY? I can scribble myself!

- Most dingbats. This is strictly personal - I'm an artist, they're pointless for me. That said, one or two have actually come in handy.

- Chunky illegible fonts. Ugly, never used, pointless.

- Calligraphy fonts obviously scanned from lettering books, and the maker didn't even take the time to RESIZE the desencing and ascending glyphs! WHY?! WHY DO THEY BOTHER?! The work is practically done FOR THEM!

There. I feel better. Do you?

[User Picture]From: logansrogue
2006-05-30 04:57 am (UTC)
*bows* I knew someone else had to be annoyed by it too. I'm not the only font nazi out there! Yay!
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